Dress Code

Proper attire is a necessary requirement that contributes to the overall atmosphere of dance, thus permitting the teacher to observe proper body placement. Students will not be permitted to participate in class with out proper leotards, tights and shoes. Bare legs, T-shirts, baggy clothes, and pantyhose are NOT permitted. Student’s hair must be neatly tied back away from face and neck and secured tightly with clips or elastics that do not fall out.




Creative Movement  

Leotard or Dance Dress

Pink Tights

Bloch Pink Full Sole Ballet Shoes 


Ballet & Pointe

 Black leotard

Pink Tights

 Under 12

Bloch Pink Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes

 12 & Up

Bloch Pink Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes



Any Color Leotard

Tan Tights 

Tan Bloch Slip-On Jazz Boots



Any Color Leotard

Tan Stirrup Tights

Tan Block Eclipse Canvas Lyrical Shoes



Any Color Leotard

Tan Tights

 Under 12

Theatricals Tan Buckle Tap Shoes 

 12& Up

Black Bloch Lace-Up Tap Shoes


 white or Black Shirt

Black Pants

Bloch Black Slip On Jazz Boots

Bloch Black Split-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes