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Class Observation


Tuition is based on the number of classes a student is enrolled in for a full year but is paid on a monthly basis. There will be nine [9] payments with the 1st payment due at the time of registration. All other payments are due on the 1st of each month October through May. 

Payments can be made online through our DanceStudioPro website, Venmo, cash or check.


Registration fee:  A non-refundable fee of $20.00 per student or $25.00 per family is due upon enrollment.

Tuition: Monthly tuition for one class a week is $45


We will prorate tuition based on the number of classes a dancer is enrolled in for the year. The more classes taken, the less each individual class will cost. Please contact us for current class prices and discount rates.

Late fee There will be a $5.00 late fee applied to all tuition payments received after the 7th of each month and a $15.00 late fee after the 15th of each month. Any checks returned by the bank will be charged a $30.00 service fee (after which cash will only be accepted)

Regular attendance is expected of all dance students to ensure steady progress. Chronic absences may result in a student being

placed in another class. If you have an

injury or mild illness you are encouraged

to observe the class. Tardiness is very

disturbing to the class and teachers. Plan to arrive early enough to be ready for class on time. In case of absence: Please call the studio and leave a message.

Severe Weather

We will announce all weather related class cancellations on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@aimdancemelrose) as well as send an email to all affected classes at least 1 hour before the anticipated start time. 

Snow day policy: Our snow day policy is independent of the public schools so please be sure to check out social media and email for class cancellations.

No observers are allowed in the class room when a class is in session. This can be distracting to the dancers. We welcome parents/guardians to sit in our waiting room during class and may choose to invite you in at the end of class if we have something to show off what students learned. 

Monthly Newsletter

There will be a newsletter sent home as well as posted on our website each month. These newsletters will contain important information about deadlines, upcoming events, holidays etc. Please be sure to thoroughly review each month to ensure you are up to date with what is happening. 

Class Conduct

We are an inclusive studio focused on growth both as a dancer and as a person. All students are expected to maintain a positive and respectful attitude toward both teachers and classmates throughout the season and abide by any rules or expectations set by the studio. 

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